Work - Curse of the Drinking Class

Well here I sit at work… For the first time in ages it’s actually been quiet… I’ve been here 30 mins and have only take one call. Now THIS is how it’s supposed to be. :o)

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday so I was thinking abtou driving back home to surprise her. She would have no idea I was coming and it woudl be a nice surprise if you ask me.

Valerie and I still need to tackle the wedding video and she has been asking me when we are going to start it. I’d liek to start it soon but I’m still not too sure on where and how we are going to do it! I think I will take the digicam back home with me this weekend when I go so I can film a couple things to learn how to edit with final cut pro. I’ll need to join Video Pool to use their equipment but once I prove I am competent I can use it pretty much whenever I want. It woudl be nice if I coudl use the stuff here but that’s dreaming I think. :)

Back to work I go.