Why me!?

So last weekend we had a massive downpour/tornado/wind storm and at the time I thought it was pretty cool, however once it started to hail I figured I should move my car to the garage. Looking outside through the living room window I could see my poor car getting soaked under the sheets of rain. I quickly tossed on some pj pants and my loafers and dashed out the front door into the torrential downpour. As soon as I stepped onto the front step I looked towards my car again–to quickly plot my path amongst the growing puddles–only to see the tree across the street fall onto my car. @$#!@#%$&! I cursed. Lucky for me it wasn’t your average tree–more like a big shrub really–but it was still about 3″ in diameter.

Knowing that the damage was already done I hopped into the car, weaving my way between the fallen branches and headed for the garage. The car was covered with leaves and my wipers may as well have been removed because the leaves were stuck to the windshield like a boogar on your finger. I wiped off a bit of the water from the roof and saw scratches all over it, the trunk, the back bumper and the passenger side of the car. They’re pretty small, but the odd one is pretty big so needless to say I’m off to Autopac for a damage estimate. Should be fun times. – Steve