Where's the cheese?

So today marks the end of the second day of lab studies. Yeah, lab studies. I have wanted an ipod video for the longest time and have not been able to get one due to other expenses so when the opportunity came up for me to partake in soap studies at a local research clinic I jumped on the chance; especially one that pays $180 for a measly 15 visits. So now after day 2 I’m officially a lab rat.
My girlfriend has been making fun of me every chance she gets because I had to shave a 3″ patch on my legs from my knees to my ankles. In itself that looks funny as it is, but to mark each sample testing area they had to draw a 1.5″ circle and with the six samples I’m testing that leaves 3 blue cirlces on each one of my legs.
After the first day I felt like I was the only “subject” that had a real job as the other attendees do not look like your average 9-5’ers, more like 1’ers (meaning they had A job… once). I was “lucky” enough to sit by a full-timer at the clinic here and he was all excited to tell me about the process. Needless to say I was glad when we finally got to the Gustapo room – No music, no talking, no reading, no cell phones, no eating / drinking, no nothing; I’m amazed they even let us breathe! a couple people were murming to each other only to be scolded with a “There’s no talking in the instrument room!” To think I’m doing all this work for a simple $180 – 5 days of work for my usual 1 day of pay. LOL I must really want that ipod.
All was going well until my way home where I was greated to a new light on my dashboard – Battery. That could mean anything from my battery is dying to the alternator is going to blow up. I wasn’t impressed at all. So I get to do all this labrat stuff only to end up with no ipod video but a new alternator in my car. How fair is that?