"Wake up Mommy."

Last night my son was unable to sleep so he crawled into our bed just after 3am and forced my girlfriend off her pillow and onto mine, not to mention onto my side of the bed as well (the little guy is bed hog like his father AND mother) . I got frustrated and took him back to his own room and decided to share the bed with him, which normally is not too big of a deal but he decided he wanted to sleep on my feet like the cats so I figured meh, so long as he sleeps.

7am stuttered my eyes awake to the sound of the alarm clock in the other bedroom as Ty climbed over me to go wake up his mommy. I chuckled to myself as the alarm keep buzzing and Ty started to speak softly Wake up mommy.” It was a nice cute way to wake up in the morning however I have no idea what he was doing to his mommy while he was saying it. – Steve