They're not "Strawberries"!


After a successful summer of growing hydroponic strawberries (not "strawberries" as every one seems to think) I decided to take my grow-op inside over the winter. I've been trying to grow hot peppers in order to make my own hot Sauce. Of the seeds I had at my disposal I am currently growing some Orange Habaneros and Caribbean Red Hots. I've also had several attempts to sprout Carolina Reapers but no mater what I've tried they always fail to sprout.

A quick email to Pepper Joe @ asking for advice on my last few seeds prompted them to send me a new pack of seeds to trial. I couldn't believe it. :o) With any luck these peppers will sprout and I can add them to my collection.

The current batch of peppers suffered from a slight case of edema which I determined to be caused by my pH being out of balance. With the peppers I am shooting for a pH around 6.0 - 6.5, and an EC of @800ppm. I will up the ppm once they get bigger but for now the half dosage of nutrients should be sufficient. I was worried it was a pest infestation, but with the plants being solely indoors that was not a possibility. I replaced the solution and things got back on track.

At least I thought so.

The new growth leaves are now showing wrinkles and rolling up like cigars. A quick google search revealed that peppers and tomatoes are high users of Calcium. Calcium? Hmm... Apparently this is the cause of most blossom rot in tomatoes. I picked up some CaliMag and added it to the solution mix until I can swap out the reservoir. I will know more after the weekend.