Rogers' Voicemail

I sent my phone to yesterday and am eagerly awaiting it’s return. $170 CAD with shipping including is better than @pple’s deal already. (I’ve decided to not use their real name in case of any legal action directed at me, lol)

I began using my old phone a couple days ago and never tried to check my voicemails until today only to be greeted with “Please enter your password.” over and over again. I tried pasword after password and none of them would work so I admitted defeat and called into Rogers. The first rep after 20 minutes of waiting on the regular line was unable to help me but tried to sell me a new voicemail package. Blah. So I called again and this time used my secret weapon “Cancel my account” pleading ingnorance saying I simply said change my account not cancel. but she helped me none-the-less. I explained my voicemail wasn’t working since I had my iphone in for repairs and she explained that visual voicemail only works on the iphone and nothing else. Expalined there was no way to check my voicemails and signed me up for regular voicemail at the same price, however with an addition: I now get $5 off the package forever. Not too bad for trying to acccess voicemail. – Steve