Lego my Gummie

While shopping at the mall the other day my wife and I found this giant lego man cake mold. Normally I'd say meh to the $20 cost but it was in the bargain bin and on sale for $7. Sweet! We purchased it and brought it home. Now what can we make in it?


Later that night I was wasting time on you tube and watched video on making gummies. I've always had a fondness for sweets and this was a golden opportunity. There was a giant 5lb gummy bear I wanted when we were at the Mall of America but I couldn't justify it. Who could possibly eat 5lbs of gummy bear? (I'm sure I could, but the wife would be against it) However now I had this giant lego man, and all the ingredients I needed to make gummies so what does that mean? Lego Party!

Based on the recipe I saw on You Tube, you need 1/4 the amount of water, add in 1/2 that amount in corn syrup, and then two packets of Gelatin... Each packet contains roughy 6g of gelatin, so that would be 12g per mix. We bought some gelatin powder from Bulk Barn, and 3 packs of the extra large Jello mixes and a new container of corn syrup. The cake pan held 5 cups of water so that meant I had to make 5 cups of lego mix. Each box of Jello required 4 cups of water, so at 1/4 strength that would 1 cup per box, so 3 cups total. For the corn syrup it was 1/2 of that recipe so 1.5 cups, which gave me 4.5 cups. not exactly perfect but I topped it off with a little more corn syrup. Next I mixed in the gelatin. According to the instructions on the powder, 1 TBSP = 10g so a heaping TBSP will be approximately 12g. Each large box is twice the smaller box so I needed 2 TBSP per batch for a total of 6 TBSP. I mixed the solution together and then added in my 3 packages of Jello. Talk about heavy gooey sugar sweetness.

I heated the mixture to make sure everything dissolved and after letting it rest a couple minutes I scraped off the schmutz. Crossing my fingers I poured it into the mold and presto; a perfect amount.


Now to wait for it to set and then enjoy.