iphone - Continued

Today I mailed all my letters to the powers that be and made sure that I hand wrote all the envelopes to remind myself how disgusted I was with the whole situation. For the first time I my life I actually LIKED the taste of the glue on the envelope.

I researched a little more on the phone repair and discovered a couple things: Firstly you can NOT simply replace the glass on the phone due to the nature of the touchscreen interface. Any attempt to do so would result in a less than perfect interface and not to mention an excruciatingly painful process of removing all the glass shards from the digitizer. The best bet is purchase the front glass with the digitizer attached which maintains the interface and eases the repair process. At a $70US it’s still a lot better than the $199US apple wanted to charge me. Perhaps the work involved is worth $130? I don’t even think lawyers make $520 an hour as it seems to be a 15 minute process.

I’m still disgusted that the glass broke the way that it did. If my 3 year old had tried to pick the phone up he could have seriously injured himself. If that were the case I would definitely be writing an entirely DIFFERENT kind of letter. – Steve