Iphone boogars

High -21. Wind chill -38.

Gotta love Winnipeg… Today I was reminded once again why I can’t stand my iphone in the winter time. While you’re standing outside in -38 weather and your phone rings, there is no way to answer your phone unless you take off your mitts and “slide to answer.” I don’t know if I can explain just how fast your bare hands freeze at -40 but it’s almost within the minute. You can tell whomever designed this phone NEVER intended it to be used in cold climates; it’s no wonder it took so long to come to Canada in the first place. While all these thoughts were racing through my head (as they do every time my phone rings in the dead of winter) I broke down and used my nose. It was exposed skin, worked just like a finger tip however it left a frozen trail of nose essence on the bottom of my screen; this had better be an important phone call. – Steve