Hip Hop Pops

There was a radio contest the other day for Father’s Day called Hip Hop Pops and I was surprised I managed to win it! I had to create a rap with the following words: pickerel, gas, Desperado and thong. This is what won it for me:

Sitting on the bar stool eatin’ my wings
Chillin’ swillin’ watching baseball swings
I look to my left then look to my right
In cones a hottie with a thong so tight
She sits down beside me so I drop her a line
Hopping and praying this chick’s got time
I try to be smooth and I try to flatter
But this fish won’t bite; no pickerel platter
She brushes me off I got dissed so fas’
She crushed my spirit took all my gas
She finishes her drink and leaves her chair
I’m one desperado, life’s just no fair