FTE - but still no benefits

The last few days things have been going really well for a change. I took my girlfriend Pam home to meet my parents and just as I suspected they loved her. I guess there has been a reason why I have never taken a girl home with me in the 10 years since I moved out. I’m very selective on who gets to meet my parents. I want them to know they raised me well and I have the ability to date “good” girls. What impressed me the most was when my mom hugged her before we left to come back to the city. I was totally not expecting that; I don’t think pam was either. I was actually really glad that my mom liked her a lot. Pam lost her mom last year and it’s nice to know my mom could easily adapt to her and accept her. Should we become a more serious couple it will be nice to know my family will accept her and she can enjoy having my mom as part of her family. I remember how great it felt to see her get that hug, I know how much pam misses her mom and I was happy my parents were able to let her feel welcome.

Work has offered me Full Time Employment and I accepted so I make $26,000 per year. Wowee… and still no benefits.