Daddy, Lookit!

ty and daddy

Pam and I took Ty to the zoo a couple weeks ago and I was positive he would like the Australia section, but I had no idea how excited he was going to be! When he saw the Kangaroos he squealed like a trapped mouse and his jaw dropped to his toes. The first time we went he didn’t really know what a kangaroo was but now that he’s 2 – and a friend of mine that used to live in Australia sent him a 4 foot inflatable kangaroo – he was all for climbing over the fence to play with them.

Pam liked the exotic looking birds and didn’t believe me when I said they were just regular birds in Australia. Then in a typical Steve manner I spaced out and thought back to when I was picking peaches in a small town in the ass-end of Queensland. Whenever we were on lunch break I would stare and watch the birds wondering why no-one else cared. I guess when you have to pay money to see something back home you appreciate it that much more when it’s free. – Steve