Christmas Eve 2008

The other day after dropping me off at work Pam and Ty got into a car accident. She swerved to avoid a car doing a u-turn and slid into a fire hydrant. The air bags refused to go off and the car is most likely totalled however I’m extremely lucky that neither of them were hurt! At least I will most likely get a new vehicle now; Ben will be reborn once again. :o) – Steve

  • Update
    When we got home Pam and I completed the race track set our neighbor bought for Ty and after a quick 3 second race her car flew off the track and crashed into the coffee table. I picked up the car (which was now missing half of its front-end) and made a regrettable remark: “Look Ty! Mommy crashes toy cars too!” to which I got the nastiest look I have ever seen in my life. – Steve*