It’s been a long time since I last wrote here, but I felt it was about time I did. The other day a video got me thinking, it was a preview for a documentary on bullying and it made me tear up. I could relate to the kids in the video as I had a horrible time in junior high but I must have been more naive than kids nowadays. In the film an 11 year old bit is discussed who commuted suicide because of his bullying; 11 years old. I never would have considered that at 11 however I did have the urge to get revenge. Being a country boy I didn’t have access to anything dangerous but
today’s kids can learn anything online; good or bad. Combine this with the 24-7 bombardment of bullying from in person, in writing, or online and you can create done very serious kids. They say kids grow up too fast and exposure is probably the leading contributor.

It’s hard for me to think what my son may have to deal with as he grows older, but I calm myself with the knowledge that his dad is smarter than the average person and can teach him ways to rise above his conflicts… He is after all the minority in his class because he has both parents in his life;
who would have thought the 60’s happy family would become the minority in the new century. -Steve