Booking Incompetence

When calling in to the Winnipeg Conservatory to confirm my booking on August 22nd I was informed that I did not have a booking. I looked at the contract I was given from 311, gave the date and times and my booking was finally found however it was NOT valid. Apparently the agent at 311 was not able to book the conservatory and the part he did book was the lobby. According to the Conservatory they never rent out the lobby as anyone who has an event in the other rooms would be assign through your event to get to theirs. sigh Even with a booking date of February 28th of this year I’m out of luck as the facility was already booked before that.

So here I am now with less than 3 weeks till my wedding with no backup location in case it rains. The conservatory is refunding my payment, and has informed me that they are too booked to even let my fiancé and I in to take pictures. I’m completely aggravated; How come I was not informed of this when I confirmed my booking on several occasions in the past 5 months? I’m frantically trying to see if there is any place left in the park I can book that is covered as a backup or else we will have to leave a map stating that the ceremony location has moved; the only option left is on the other side of the city which is the church basement we are having our reception in. I confirmed everything before I made my invitations and to find out the location is wrong is as bad as misspelling my own name.

The booking agent at the Conservatory has been extremely accommodating for us and is trying to see if there is any place in the park we can use but we have yet to hear back from her.

In the meantime I have written to both 311 and the Mayor expressing my frustration with the 311 service. Everything on their website says they can book the Conservatory however the Conservatory stated otherwise: ALL bookings must go through them and only them.

All I can do is cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t rain. – Steve